Monday, November 7, 2011

Basic Clothes Part I (English Version)

Some time ago I've been visiting many fashion blogs, today I took a decision: Make my own! I hope you enjoy it!

When I decided to discover my Fashionist soul -that had been sleeping for a long time- , my first question was: How will I start without bankrupt? Well, If you have the same question, I have made this post for you!

1.- Little Black Dress.
Every woman in the world must have it, just ensure to choose the correct one that makes you feel comfy and fits perfectly to your body type.
* Office Look: You can add to your LBD a blazer on any color that you prefer.
* Disco Look: Take the risk choosing use a Leather jacket and add a "rocker touch" to your outfit.
* Elegant look: You can transform your "Day look" into a elegant look adding some accesories: Stiletto shoes, clutch bag, necklaces, etc use your imagination!

2.- Basic White Shirt.

You can use it in different ways and will never appears that you are wearing the same, you can try the follow mixes:

* Casual: Use it with denim short/jeans
* Cocktail: Mix it with an skirt (Example: Pencil skirt that is a "must" in autumn-winter 2011
* Formal: You can use it with a classic women pant.

3.- Blazer

The blazer it's "usable" in any combination that you prefer, you can change totally one outfit to another one, choose one in color Black or Blue (Many people says that is the new Black).

4.- Black Skirt

The skirts it's a basic in your closet because is the feminime piece by excellence! You be sure to choose the correct one to your body type (Eg. Line A, Pencil, etc).

Please leave your comments....

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