Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Basic Clothes Part II (English)

Hi Sweeties! I hope that you enjoyed my first post that will be finished today.... 

5.- Jeans:

It's worth paying extra por jeans that fit and flatter, your best? A dark... you can worn this clothing on 1000 ways, take a look!

6.- Pumps and Bag in Nude Color:

This color matchs with almost all pallette colors in addition is elegant and you will never looks outmoded. Regarding the bag I suggest to invest in a good quality (You can choose a local designer or an international -depends of your budget-), you can put the "expensive" touch in your outfit using a good quality, you don't need to have a totally designer outfit.

7.- Basic t-shirt/Top:

Find out something that could be used on any time only adding: blazer, leather jacket, trench coat... etc

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