Thursday, November 17, 2011

DIY: Cap Toe Shoes

(Version en español abajo)

Some days ago I did a post about a winter Trend 2011: "Cap Toe Shoes", while I was writing it an idea appeared in my mind: Create my own cap toe shoes! In the weekend I decided to materialize my idea and now I want to share with you the final result, I'm very anxious to use my new beautiful shoes for first time!

Now, I will explain how to do it, if you have any doubt please don't hesitate to leave a comment and I will answer you asap. Let's start!

What do you need?

1.- Pair of shoes (Boots, high heels, flats, etc) that you want to renew.
2.- Leather Paint in you prefered color (You can buy it in a store for leather goods)
3.- Scissors
4.- Chain in different sizes
5.- Adhesive Tape
6.- Industrial Glue (In México I bought "Resistol 911" in the store for leather goods)

Step 1: Clean your shoes perfectly to ensure paint adherence.
Step 2: Mark off with adhesive tape the surface that you want to paint, this will gonna help you to avoid stains in your shoes.

Step 3: Cover the bottom of your shoes with adhesive tape

Step 4: Now you can start painting yoru shoes, Apply a thin layer of paint and let your shoes dry during 30 minutes.
Step 5: Now you can fill a little bowl with paint and introduce the toe of your shoes on it, now let your shoes dry for 5 hours at least.

Step 6: Verify that your shoes are completely dry. Measure the chain side to side and cut it, now you can paste it in your shoes.

Step 7: If you want a more dramatic look you can add more chains as your imagination allows you! I have decided to add strings to the soles of shoes and a thicker chain line at the top.

What do you think of the final result? do you like it? Will you do your own cap toe shoes? Send me pictures of your final design I'd love to see them! Please leave your comments about this post


  1. wow! quedaron increíbles!!! :) muy lindo tu blog ... besos!