Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY: Chained shoulder shirt

Hi Girls! How are you? I hope very well, I'm so excited because I only will work one more week and then I can visit my family in Veracruz, MX to enjoy Christmas with them!

 Days ago I wrote a post regarding strong and embellished shoulders and immediatly I started this project that today I'm sharing with you, I hope you enjoy it! Please remember to leave your comments I love to read them!!
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What do you need:

 1.- Blouse
 2.- Liquid silicone
 3.- 6 meters of gold chain
 4.- Scissors
 5.- Fabric that match with your blouse
 6.- Fusible Fabric (In the picture I only showed a little piece)

Step # 1
Draw in the fusible fabric 2 patterns as shown in the picture (this is only a guide...  you can do it bigger or smaller)

Step #2

Cut the pattern, apply silicone liquid paste it to the fabric, cut the fabric leaving a short edge.

Step #3

Fold the edges and glue with silicone

Step #4

Apply silicone liquid in all the perimeter of your pattern and paste the chain, once you have completed the perimeter cut the chain with scissors and start again until fill completely your pattern

Step #5

Once you have ready 2 patterns, wear your blouse and mark the place you will paste patterns, try to be as accurate as you can to avoid any glue stain in your blouse. Apply silicone and paste the patterns in your blouse... the final result is...

By the way, did you notice that I'm wearing my cap toe shoes? You can see the tutorial click Here


  1. que idea tan padre para darle vida a una blusa ya muy vista esta de !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Gracias!! Que alegría que te haya gustado